About US

FramingDanger is a non-profit project created to give voice to men and women who were WRONGLY ARRESTED and WRONGLY CONVICTED, so that their stories may lay the foundation for a new, and transparent order of law enforcement. One that is accountable to its community, and Not just to its fraternity. A police force that citizens can be proud of, and rely
upon for honest and unbiased enforcement of the laws.

LeChiffre y. Exely is a civil rights response to a justice system gone rogue. This, like all civil rights lawsuits (including those presently pending in the Federal District Court against the Colorado Springs Police Department), is informed by the principles that made America great. The principles enshrined in our Us Constitution, and fought for by courageous and dedicated men and women in our Country’s history.

“The Constitution is not an instrument for the Government
to restrain the people; it is an instrument for the
people to restrain the Government.”
Patrick Henery – American Statesman.

“Our system of criminal justice is best described as a
search for the truth.”
Janet Reno – Former Attorney General of the U.S.A.

“The greatest threat to our Constitution is a society that
is lulled into believing that every police officer is
honest, that every litigant and defendant will find justices
in the Courts, and that criminal defendants are guilty
‘until’ they can prove their innocence.”
Archibald Cox – Former Solicitor General of the USA
Special Prosecutor – Watergate
Professor of Constitutional Law, Boston University

Although convicted and imprisoned for a crime that he did not commit, Jean-Joseph LeChiffre has not been silenced, nor defeated. Rather, LeChiffre garners direction from. the Japanese Proverb – “fall seven times, stand up eight.” LeChiffre is, once again, standing, and bringing the fight to the front steps of the Police Operations Center. It wont be easy, of course, but nothing worthwhile ever is. Frederick Douglass once correctly observed: “Power
concedes nothing without a demand, it never did, and it never will.”

FramingDanger invites you to read the Executive Summary (coming soon). If you are moved, read the Verified Complaint. If you wish to support us, do so here. Thank you.